Editorial: The Belarus Themed Week on thenewfederalist

, by Tomas Spragg

Editorial: The Belarus Themed Week on thenewfederalist

JEF members and other human rights activists will gag prominent statues in cities all around the world, to symbolically recall the silence forced on Belarus’ citizens by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

thenewfederalist strongly supports the Free Belarus Action: as a contribution, we will provide an extensive covering of the activities, while stimulating a deeper reflection on the challenges faced by human rights defenders in the country. Exceptionally, in the course of this week we will publish one article per day to explore the nature of Lukashenko’s blatanty undemocratic regime under different angles and perspectives.

Articles published on this Belarus themed week on thenewfederaliast include:

JEF Europe: In 2010 we fight for Freedom in Belarus - The Belarus Action 2010

Prohibited to Show One’s Colours

From Freedom to Death: A Narrative of Human Rights in Belarus

European Youth Forum fights for youth rights in Belarus

Belarus: The Difficulties Young People Face

The right to conscientious objection in Belarus: Still a long way to go

Under JEF Europe’s Umbrella, over 125 Cities of the World Unite in Solidarity with Belarus

Campaigners for Free Speech in Belarus have their Speech Muffled in Russia

A strong Europe for a democratic Belarus

Our work will hopefully contribute to the essential goal of raising awareness on Belarus citizens’ violated rights and freedoms: ideally, it will also encourage a debate on the urgency of a single European foreign policy, to re-establish trough a consistent and un-ambigious approach a EU credibility in front of Europe’s last dictatorship. It’s time for a Free Belarus and once again, it is time for Europe.

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