Europe: Give Your Ideas A Face!

JOINT PRESS RELEASE of YFJ, Party-Political Youth Organisations and JEF

, by JEF Europe

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Europe: Give Your Ideas A Face!

The European Youth Forum, the Party-Political Youth Organisations and the Young European Federalists ask for a truly European debate during the EP Elections Campaign in order to allow the citizens to choose their candidates to key positions in the EU.

As young Europeans, sharing a vision of Europe based on the values of democracy, peace, human rights, solidarity, freedom and sustainable development, we recognise the success of European integration, but we stress that we can successfully face future challenges only if the EU will be able to speak and to act as a real political Union.

In the pursuit of a more transparent Europe, the European Youth Forum (YFJ) the Party-Political Youth Organisations - Youth of the European People’s Party (YEPP), Young European Socialists (ECOSY), European Liberal Youth (LYMEC), Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG), Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC), European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy) and the Young European Federalists (JEF) hope that in due time before June 2009 the citizens should know names and faces of the candidates to the main political positions of the European institutions. In particular the composition of the Commission should reflect the results of the elections as indicated by the Lisbon Treaty which has to be ratified as soon as possible.

the composition of the Commission should reflect the results of the elections

The European Parliamentary Elections, the renewal of the Commission and the subsequent legislative period present a unique opportunity in which the European citizens have a direct say on the policy development within the EU. Therefore it is important to make the elections a truly European affair, addressing issues that concern all EU citizens and not 27 Member States particular interests.

Hence, we believe politicising and personalising the EU policy-making is a natural step forward in European integration and the best way of guaranteeing a cross-border debate on issues affecting our lives and of getting young people and all citizens interested in voting at EP elections. In parallel, we also need to inform them in more simple words about the role of EU institutions: their complexity is indeed difficult to grasp for most citizens.

Too many European citizens don’t go to vote because they cannot put faces to European politics.

Our generation is not afraid to bring the EU closer to its citizens and expects brave decisions from our national and European leaders and institutions; moreover, we want concrete benefits from the EU in our everyday life.

It’s time for a democratic election of the European leaders and institutions!

Press Contacts:

DEMYC: Páll Heimisson | President of DEMYC | +3548695140

ECOSY: Giacomo Filibeck | President of ECOSY | +3225489090

EFAy: Lucy Jane Collyer | Coordinator of EFAy | +32471279381

FYEG: Marina Barbalata |Spokesperson of FYEG, + 31645944203 Marc Gimenez | Spokesperson of FYEG, +34600923098

JEF: Samuele Pii | President of JEF-Europe | +32487214010

LYMEC: Majda Zeherovic | Press Officer of LYMEC | +38762643519

YEPP: Ioannis Smyrlis | President of YEPP | +32498112111

YFJ: Tine Radinja | President of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) | +32473297898

Image: logos of all the signatories of this joint Press Release

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