No more visa in Europe!


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No more visa in Europe!

A delegation of 50 students from (FYR) Macedonia will protest in front of the European Commission in Brussels on Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd of January from 12.00 till 14.00, to demand from the European Union visa liberalization for their country.

The students representing the civil initiative “Visa - No Way!!!” will symbolically represent the visa regime in a theatrical manner, supported by other youth organizations that work in Brussels. Moreover, they have set up meetings with several Members of European Parliament, Slovenian MEPs Jelko Kacin and Alojz Peterle among others, to present their action and exchange opinions on the current state of affairs regarding this question.

JEF has organized a pan-European action against visas and has stayed committed in working towards a visa free continent. JEF-Europe President Samuele Pii stated:

"Europe is coming closer and closer to our dream of a united continent but still visa restrictions continue to prevent people from moving freely across Europe, often imposing costly and time consuming, even humiliating procedures.“”In order to achieve our dream of a peaceful and united Europe we need to be able to meet, exchange and get-to-know each other and learn from each other. Having the right to move freely around the continent is a prerequisite and a starting point that must no longer be neglected nor negated to our friends in neighbouring countries of the EU."

JEF-Macedonia president Admir Gjerlek explains what the initiative is all about:

"Visa?! No Way!!! is a group of youth non-governmental and university student organizations from Macedonia, united under the cause of expressing their disappointment with the current status of the visa liberalization process for (FYR) Macedonia. In the period from 2-12 December 2008 16.393 Macedonian students signed a petition against the visa regime, which was presented to several Ambassadors and representatives from European embassies in Macedonia on a roundtable, where the students and ambassadors discussed the issue."

Visa?! No Way!!!

"We have come all the way from Skopje by bus in order to lobby European politicians, raise awareness about the fact that the current visa liberalisation for Macedonia is not working as promised therefore we demand to scarp them entirely and to create pressure in order to put the issue on the agenda of the next meeting of the European Council."

Join us on Thursday and/or Friday from 12.00 to 14.00 at Schuman roundabout in front of the European Commission in Brussels.

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