“Noisy” European absence in Moscow’s negotiations

, by Sarantis Michalopoulos

“Noisy” European absence in Moscow's negotiations

On 7 June 2009, the summit between the US President Barack Obama and the Prime Minister of Russia took place in Novo Ogarevo. The two leaders-protagonists of the international political scene set the most acanthoid multidimensional issues of the current international system establishing simultaneously the foundations for the reconsideration of the American-Russian relations on the basis of the contemporary political-economic interactions.

After the 8 years “inactive” Bush’s administration of characteristic crush and incompliant bilateral communication- behavior, the priority of the newly elected American government seems to be the “rapprochement” with the second biggest nuclear power universally, Russia.

During the discussions in a very positive climate, the diachronic geoeconomic- geopolitical stone-walling were confirmed, nevertheless the political willingness for diplomatic fermentations regarding the conflicting interests was quite obvious from both sides. The vulnerable issue of the establishment of the American Antimissile Shield in Czech Republic and in Poland, the possible accession of Ukraine and Georgia in the North-Atlantic Alliance and the unpredicted Iran’s nuclear program constituted the fundamental diplomatic subjects among the two states.

While in Moscow’s meeting the new rules of the international chessboard are being set, the Europeans are simply observers.

However, the absence of the European Union from the negotiations between the principal actors of the international political scene on vital issues of high importance provoked intense “noise”. After the crushing domination of the European People’s Party in the European elections, the abeyance of the elections of the new President of the Commission and at the same time the uncertain ratification procedure of the Reform Treaty in Ireland concern the European public opinion and the European political elite.

Instead of turning the eyes to Moscow, the discussions of the European circles are limited to the election or not of Barroso and to the chameleonic “obsessions” of the European Socialist Party. While in Moscow’s meeting the new rules of the international chessboard are being set, the Europeans are simply observers.

The negotiation for the establishment or not of the American Antimissile Shield in the sovereignty of two member-states of the EU among two catalytic but outside factors puts into question the future participation of the EU in the progress of this specific issue.

In addition, the NATO’s enlargement to Ukraine activates the Russian alarm, which clarifies that this venture affects the Russian vital interests and guarantees direct reactions. The non-calculation the cost-benefit from the EU’ s side proves the political inactivation of the Union, which needs prompt activation regarding the following Ukrainian elections that will determine the geo-strategic future of the country and the greater region.

At the end, in terms of NATO the Franco-German axis was in the forefront blaming Iran’s willingness to enrich its nuclear program with uranium, in Moscow Russia and the US decided without the Union.

The redistribution of the international power and the gradual shift of the mono-multipolar structure of the international system increases the shortage of the political status of the EU on a global level and the classical version of a Europe focused on the searching of its internal ideological-political orientation is confirmed. Completely isolated from the discussions that will determine its geopolitical future, Europe has nothing to expect.

- Moscow talks, source google images

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