An Afroitalian Soul: Episode 2 of the We Belong podcast series

, by Madelaine Pitt

An Afroitalian Soul: Episode 2 of the We Belong podcast series
Yasmine Ouirhrane, Young European of the Year 2019. Photos used with Yasmine’s permission.

Episode 2, “An Afroitalian Soul”, from the podcast series We Belong is here!

As part of our new podcast partnership, we are publishing the series by Young European of the Year 2019 Yasmine Ouirhrane here on The New Federalist.

For the second episode of We Belong, Yasmine travelled (virtually, don’t worry) to Milan, Italy. She recorded a special remote interview with Bellamy, a model, blogger and activist.

Bellamy was born and raised in Italy in a half Ugandan and half Sudanese family. Becoming increasingly passionate about socio-cultural issues, she and her friend Grazia created Afroitalian Souls. It’s a digital platform bringing awareness to the social and racial issues faced by young people of African heritage in Italy while striving for recognition of their achievements.

Yasmine and Bellamy discuss the impact of Covid-19 in Italy, the structural and cultural forms of violence that black Italians face.

Check out the episode to learn how Bellamy uses sarcasm and style to amplify the voice of Afroitalians on social media.

Here it is!

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