Call for Editorial Team Applications

, by TNF Editorial Board

Call for Editorial Team Applications

The New Federalist is looking to recruit for the following positions for a one-year mandate.

  • Head of German Translation
  • Interviews Officer (to work alongside the existing one)
  • Video Consultant

Please see below for further details on each role:

In addition to the above, we are looking for section editors. A section editorship allows you to zoom in on an area which interests you and involves contributing your own articles, deciding what you would like covered in your section, proof-reading articles from contributors and forwarding them to the Editors-in-Chief.

  • Internal European Policy
  • Global Affairs and External Policy
  • Economy and Trade
  • Youth, Education and Mobility and Science
  • News from JEF and partners
  • History, Society and Culture
  • Opinion/Features.

*Please send applications to tnf at (deadline for applications 17.00 CEST on 10th November 2019). Applications should consist of a short letter in which you explain your motivation and suitability for the post, and if possible an example of your previous work. You must also include your preferences in terms of which section you would like to manage - please rank your top three choices in order. A CV is optional*



  • Selecting articles for translation from the sister editions according to the relevance and interest of the article for the TNF readership
  • Issuing calls for translations via the TNF Translators Facebook group and translating articles yourself
  • Recruiting new translators where required and communicating with them via the TNF Translators Facebook group
  • Co-ordinating with the editorial teams of the sister editions to decide which articles to translate
  • Contribute to social media

Requirements Experience of translation (professional or through university) Excellent command of the target language Excellent writing skills in English If possible, send a translation you have carried out as part of your application



  • Source a wide variety of interviews for TNF
  • Create a system which allows you to keep track of the type of interviews which are being conducted by TNF editors or contributors
  • Conduct your own interviews, preferably in a variety of formats (article, audio and video)


  • Co-ordinate with the editorial teams from the other language webzines to share contacts and strategies
  • Contribute to social media



  • Producing video content on subjects relevant to TNF
  • Editing/production of videos/video broadcasts made by editorial committee members
  • Providing advice on video shooting and editing to other editorial committee members.
  • Setting up online tools to facilitate video events, e.g. Clickmeeting and YouTube broadcasts
  • Contribute to social media

Requirements Experience of shooting videos and proficiency in the use of editing software (e.g. PremierePro), willingness to research and be creative with online tools such as Clickmeeting

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