EU citizens in the UK can elect British Members of the European Parliament

, by Petros Fassoulas

EU citizens in the UK can elect British Members of the European Parliament

EU citizens have the right to vote either in their country of origin or in their country of residence, including in the UK. Being able to vote here is an important EU right, because it allows you to have a say in things that matter where you actually live. In this way, you can make sure you are represented by people who stand up for your interests and the interests of your local community.

The European Movement UK together with the Embassies of the 27 EU member states in the UK, the European Commission Representation to the UK and the European Parliament Information Office in the UK, is launching a campaign to inform EU citizens who live here that they can vote for the May EP elections at their local constituency in the UK. For more details go to

As an EU citizen living in the UK myself, I am all too well aware of the charged anti-immigartion political rhetoric used by some and the way EU citizens have been unfairly portrayed, some times even attacked and victimised. So it is important that we inform them that they can have a say in the political debate in the UK and empower them to make their voice heard by casting their ballot at the European elections.

But that is not the only reason why we should vote. Decisions made by members of the European Parliament have a direct impact on our lives. Whether it is the mobile phone charges we pay when we are abroad, the safety of the appliances we use and the toys children play with, the quality of the water we drink or the food we eat, or the way our bank operates and our consumer rights are protected, this all depends on decisions made by directly elected members of the European Parliament.

By voting in the European elections we will have a say about who makes these decisions. We must exercise that right, not least at the country we live in, so we can chose who represents us and our local area.

Registering to vote in the UK is easy, you can find out how here

Deadline to register is 6 May and the elections take place on 22 May.

Vote to choose who represents you!

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