France’s communist Workers’ Struggle party calls for “socialist United States of Europe”

, by Juuso Järviniemi

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France's communist Workers' Struggle party calls for “socialist United States of Europe”
Nathalie Arthaud in 2012. Photo: Garitan / Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In its European election campaign launch on Friday, the French Trotskyist Lutte Ouvrière (Workers’ Struggle) party called for a “Socialist United States of Europe”, French media report.

The party proclaims that it fights both the nation-state and the “Europe that has been built to serve the interests of the bourgeoisie”. The party’s leader Nathalie Arthaud says that the party advocates “a borderless Europe truly united for workers”.

While Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s leftist France Insoumise party has become known as mostly Eurosceptic, Nathalie Arthaud maintains that “borders serve the interests of the bourgeoisie”. “To fight against Europe cannot be a good rallying cry for the exploited. Does Brexit advance the workers’ cause? I don’t think so”, she says. In its pro-integrationist position, the Workers’ Struggle party also stands apart from many of the other communist parties in France and the rest of Europe.

On its website, the party says that “the absence of real political unification makes the [European] system fragile and liable to being questioned”. The page explaining the party’s position on Europe also says that European states have for more than 60 years been trying to unite into a European economic space, but that “they have gained only very partial success, uniting above all that which was useful for the movement of capital and goods”.

The Workers’ Struggle party states that it is “favourable towards everything that moves us towards the disappearance of borders”, and that a socialist United States of Europe would only be the beginning of a worldwide union of peoples.

In the 2014 European elections, the party got 1.17% of the vote in France and failed to win any seats in the Parliament.

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