“Never Again”: TNF Commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day

, by TNF Editorial Board

“Never Again”: TNF Commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The TNF team remembers and honors the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, particularly today, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. We pledge to combat hatred, bigotry, nationalism, racism, xenophobia and antisemitism with our words.

As antisemitic incidents have risen across our beloved continent, we refuse to be bystanders and watch antisemitism rise across the political spectrum and in our diverse communities.

We refuse to forget. We acknowledge our responsibility as young Europeans to make sure everyone, especially European Jewry, feel safe in the Federal Europe we aspire for.

Our editors, writers and translators have therefore united in sharing some thoughts on what “Never Again” means to them.

“As a grandson of three holocaust survivors, I recognize the terrible and intergenerational impact the Holocaust had on the Jewish people. Today, we must remain committed to fighting antisemitism, racism and ultranationalism in all its forms, in Europe and beyond.” – Dvir Aviam Ezra, Senior Editor-in-Chief

“Europe is a continent soaking in blood - and yet, our European Union has succeeded in bringing peace and unity to this land. It was never easy and our path to achieve justice for the victims is far from over with the rise in antisemitism. As a descendant of survivors of the Armenian Genocide, I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Jewish and Roma brothers and sisters in their grief.” – Antonios Tashejian, Junior Editor-in-Chief

“On this day, we shall remember the Holocaust and its survivors, to understand better our perilous times today and their context. Our liberal world order, the fight against totalitarianism, and our comprehension of what extreme xenophobia can lead to are visibly shaped by the Holocaust and the global trauma that followed. Let us then further cherish our reality, shaped by those who died and keep fighting for the one they died for.” - Adi Horesh, Columnist

“It has never been more important to work hard for a Europe in which everyone, no matter their religion or ethnic background, feels safe and at home. ‘Never Again’, should not remain an empty promise.” - Aileen Baumann, Translator

“I’ve seen some of the abandoned synagogues and crumbling tombstones in Hungary, a grim reminder of a once bustling community now conspicuously absent. It is harrowing to see antisemitism or a downplaying of the holocaust today, and to any who would do so I can heartily recommend seeking out what is left behind in Eastern Europe to get an idea of just how much was lost.” - Gergely Kozár, Liaison Officer

“Never Again to me means being aware that the same nationalism that in the last century led to a genocide against the Jewish people in Europe, is a disease very much alive today, even in Europe; it survives in forms such as antisemitism, xenophobia and racism. ‘Never Again’ therefore means rejecting nationalism in all of its forms and working for a truly pluralist, welcoming and united European Union.” - Mattia Fontana, Columnist

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