Over 200 candidates sign European Federalists’ pledge ahead of the European elections

, by Juuso Järviniemi

Over 200 candidates sign European Federalists' pledge ahead of the European elections

The European Federalists have so far collected more than 200 MEP candidates’ signatures for a pledge to defend federalist policies in the next European Parliament. In a press release, the Union of European Federalists highlights that the signatories “come from a range of parties and countries”.

The pledge features a total of ten demands, including commitments to an increased EU budget financed through “own resources”, to European migration policies, to “a single European foreign, security and defence policy”, and to a reform of the EU treaties. Overall, the message of the pledge is that “defending the Europe we have is not enough”. The pledge instead advances a vision of a Europe “more united, more democratic, more social and more effective in the world”.

The Union of European Federalists has published a full listing of the signatories on its website. Well-known sitting MEPs who have signed the pledge include Tom Vandenkendelaere from the EPP, Tanja Fajon from the S&D group, Frédérique Ries from ALDE, Ernest Urtasun from the Greens/EFA group, Dimitrios Papadimoulis from the GUE/NGL group, and Fabio Massimo Castaldo from the Italian Five-Star Movement. Sandro Gozi, President of the Union of European Federalists who is standing for election in France, is also among the signatories.

At the opening session of the next European Parliament on 1 and 2 July, the federalists plan to convene “the most federalist-minded” new MEPs for a public debate and reception. The opening session of the European Parliament will also see a federalist rally in front of the Parliament building in Strasbourg on 2 July.

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