Kazulin, a political prisoner in Belarus as many others… - commentaires Kazulin, a political prisoner in Belarus as many others… 2007-03-15T20:55:14Z https://www.eurobull.it/Kazulin-a-political-prisoner-in-Belarus-as-many-others#comment2100 2007-03-15T20:55:14Z <p>You know, I saw Kazulin on his free 15 minute spot on TV here and I thought he was nuts. In fact, at the time of the elections, when people spoke about who they voted for, if they answered Kazulin, it was meant to be a joke, to be laughed at. This is not to insult the man's intelligence in any way, I am just telling you that when he said what he had to say, people didn't think he would in any way be a real leader, someone with whom you could bank your trust.</p> <p>What do you think George Bush would do to demonstrators who attempted to start riots ? You know the answer. What was Kazulin doing at the people's congress in Minsk when he got arrested ? He was stirring up trouble. He wasn't debating. He wasn't talking. He was picking a fight and he got one. And believe me, the story was not suppressed, it is in all the news.</p> <p>I think that this has become a tired argument. If Europe is going to come, it will be to Lukashenka because he is the boss. Kazulin is not the boss. Milinkevich is not the boss. Lebdzko, though in his mind he thinks he is, is not the boss. And not one of these guys has ever said a single word about policy, how to better do the job of governing or has spoken about genuine issues or solved any problems. All they ever do is yell « Lukashenka bad ! », and people here, inside this strangled little country are simply not listening any more. And that's why they got no votes.</p>