What religion for the EU ? - commentaires What religion for the EU ? 2010-09-03T16:43:25Z https://www.eurobull.it/What-religion-for-the-EU#comment8582 2010-09-03T16:43:25Z <p>Dear Manu, I'd love to read an article on Swiss referendum and France situation. Please do it.</p> What religion for the EU ? 2009-12-14T17:13:10Z https://www.eurobull.it/What-religion-for-the-EU#comment7758 2009-12-14T17:13:10Z <p>that's all very interesting, but what's the point ? I mean : it is a fine description of today's religious situation in Europe, but does it try to demonstrate anything ? Is there a federalist analysis of the situation ?</p> <p>Besides, it is worth noticing that the article refers only to the recent ECHR decision on cricifixes in Italy, but not on the Swiss referendum, which may well be judged discriminatory as well by the Strasbourg court. Or the attempt of several French MPs to ban burqas from the streets...</p> <p>In a word : on reste sur sa faim.</p>