Is the COP the right tool to tackle global warming ? - commentaires Is the COP the right tool to tackle global warming ? 2011-01-30T01:31:52Z 2011-01-30T01:31:52Z <p>Until now there is no scientific proof of global warming. There is a big campaign going on for years to insist there is supposed to be a global warming because of CO². Until now there is no proof at all. In reality, the sun dictates the global climate. Nevertheless, there seems to be a kind of opinion directing in a manner there ought to be a global warming caused by men. In reality, the canadian ice bear population increased from 5.000 to 25.000 units since it was forbidden to shoot it. In fact, there is no statistically significant increase in global temperature. Also, there is no unique opinion among scientists about the definition of world temperature. Weather stations were shut down. Others are not counted for. In total, there is a lot of confusion about the whole weather thing accept that now there is a new field of business which was probably the only reason why the problem was « created » !</p> <p>If one looks at satellite pictures the air pollution coming from China and India seems to be a real problem like in the old times when in Eastern Europe the smog polluted the West.</p> <p>China will build 500 carbon-based power plants. They don't believe in this CO²-stuff. They believe in independence !</p>