Kosovo's path to Europe - commentaires Kosovo's path to Europe 2007-10-16T13:20:31Z https://www.eurobull.it/Kosovo-s-path-to-Europe#comment2905 2007-10-16T13:20:31Z <p>Excellent observation !</p> Kosovo's path to Europe 2007-09-04T15:03:39Z https://www.eurobull.it/Kosovo-s-path-to-Europe#comment2766 2007-09-04T15:03:39Z <p>Whatever the future of Kosovo will be, the only possibility to avoid new violent confrontations between Serbs and Albanians is to approach both sides with a clear framework for the European Union membership. It has become clear that the international community is not capable of resolving the problem in the province. The EU may be a competent player to keep peace on the continent (the EU optimistically announced at the Thessaloniki summit in June 2003 that the Western Balkans would definitely be offered membership into the EU at some unspecified point in the future). If talking about independence for the province, it is still only the EU that can facilitate that process and bring Serbs and Albanians closer. This means that Serbian territory will be forever lost and Kosovo Serbs will have to content themselves with a compromise solution of some kind, not the one the Serbian political elite optimistically expects. Moreover, no formal status will work if the inhabitants continue to hate and see no development opportunities. If we ignore human needs for fear reduction, deep reconciliation and economic recovery, independent Kosovo will become another failed state. Branislav Radeljic</p>