We Belong Europe Podcast

, by Kimberley Mannion

We Belong Europe Podcast

The New Federalist aims to help you make sense of European Union policy in all its detail, what it is doing to improve the lives of its citizens, and where it often falls short, too. Our partner podcast, We Belong, shines a light on the people of Europe who make it great.

The podcast highlights the diversity of Europe with interviews with young women from a range of ethnic backgrounds who are making positive change and working on amazing projects across Europe. All sectors and walks of life are covered, from Giada, the daughter of immigrants who is a 23 year old CEO in Italy, to Rebecca, a performing artist in Berlin who uses her creativity to connect her German and Ghanaian identity. Each episode is presented by the equally fantastic Yasmin Ouirhrane, appointed expert by the European Union and African Union.

13 episodes have currently been uploaded of the podcast. The most recent speaks to Inès, a ‘digital ecologist’ in France. Inès is the CEO and founder of Digital for the Planet. She does extremely important work towards tackling the climate emergency, which is one of the biggest problems the EU faces today. The company utilises durable and low-carbon technology to promote digital sustainability. It is truly a modern solution to arguably the contemporary world’s biggest issue. Inès is of Algerian and Italian origin and grew up in Northern France. Her work landed her a place on Forbes’ list of 92 women who are disrupting technology in France. You can hear all about her story and mission here:

In another episode, Yasmin meets Fatima, an anti-terrorism activist in the UK. Having witnessed the London 7/7 bombings, many would understandably be traumatised and lose a bit of faith in humanity. Quite the opposite, after this experience Fatima dedicated herself to building peace and security. She has worked advising ministers as an official to the UK Government and is now an advocate at the Kofi Annan Foundation, named after former Secretary General of the United Nations, whom she also advised. Her courage and commitment earned her the title of UK’s Asian Woman of Achievement and an invitation to the Inaugural Class of Obama Scholars. You can listen to her full story here:

To a completely different industry, we hear from French broadcast journalist Linh Lan Dao who works for France Info. Far from sitting comfortably and merely reporting the news, she takes on a personal responsibility to call out racism and prejudice, particularly ant-Asian discrimination which has increased since the onset of Covid-19. She works on France Info programme ‘Vrai ou Fake’ which exposes fake news, while also using her other passion of drawing to explain the news on her Youtube channel ‘Draw my News’. Follow the link before to find out more:

In what is a time full of distressing and complex news stories, We Belong podcast provides listeners with much needed hope and optimism in what can often seem a bleak world. We encourage everyone to subscribe for more positive and uplifting stories of inspiring young women in Europe.

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