Young European Federalists and partners launch “I Choose Europe” election campaign

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Young European Federalists and partners launch “I Choose Europe” election campaign
Quartier Général festival in central Paris on 16 March. Photo: Juuso Järviniemi

On Saturday in Paris, the Young European Federalists (JEF) and a range of partner organisations launched their common #IChooseEurope campaign ahead of the European elections. The launch took place in Paris at the Quartier Général festival for young people engaged in European affairs. “I Choose Europe” is the campaign run by the “European Youth Together: Road to the Future” project involving twelve countries.

The campaign launch featured the JEF-Europe President Christopher Glück and JEF-France national board member Tosia Stepniak presenting issues of the upcoming elections in a joint speech held partly in English, partly in French.

In the speech, Stepniak urged for a high turnout in the elections, highlighting the challenges that the Parliament needs to confront, including migration and climate change.

Glück, for his part, invoked the element of choice present in the campaign title. In the elections in May, we should choose Europe wholeheartedly. He added that “we are Europeans first, and everything else second”.

The festival was estimated to be attended by 2,000 people. From the French government, Gabriel Attal – Secretary of State in the Ministry of Higher Education – and Frédérique Vidal – Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation – joined the festival.

The campaign launch also took place in the context of a youth exchange organised by JEF-Europe for more than 100 people near Paris the same week. Along with public communication, the I Choose Europe campaign will continue with a European-wide bus tour taking place in April.

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